Our Story


For over 10 years we regularly visit the Far East and each time we are mesmerized by the amazing and beautiful products we encounter. For a long time, the “West” has regarded the “East” as a production site, where things were produced rather than designed. As fashion and sneaker aficionado’s we have made it our mission to dust off this image.  

With our concept Far East Sneakers we aim to connect the “West” with the coolest sneakers from the Orient, or the “Far East.” Sneaker brands with their own unique style and that enjoy a rich history in their home countries such as Japan, China, Taiwan and South-Korea.  

It’s time that we venture out of our comfort zones and discover what else is out there!


Our brands

The first brand that we would like to introduce is Feiyue Dafu (飞跃 大孚) from China. Pronounced as 'fee-yu-ee' which translates to “flying forward”, the brand was established in 1920s in Shanghai. These solid and flexible sneakers quickly became popular with Chinese Kung Fu fighters and Shaolin monks.

Fast-forward to 2018 and tout Shanghai - from celebrities to the young hipsters – walks around on Feiyue Dafu’s.  We are convinced that it won’t take long before the "West" falls in love too with these iconic sneakers.


Are you a brand owner from The Far East and you would like to be featured on our website? Please drop us a line at info@fareastsneakers.com.